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One of my favorite building in all of Manhattan. The architecture is like none other. Gothic on the outside, and Art Noueau on the inside. When you walk inside you fill like you’ve been teleported to the late 1800’s. The history is so rich from the days when it was a hotel to its heyday in the 70’s and known for its decadent parties on the roof top. There is a different story from every single person that has viewed this rich and elegant building, and they are never ending. So rich in history and a building filled with tales is what made me name this original work of art, “Whispers of Ansonia”.

HOLGA Camera 120mm Film


Upper West Side, NY, NY 

November 2017

HOLGA 120 mm Film 



30” x 30”  

Sublimated Print on Aluminum

Print available now, and can ship within 2-3 days. 

Contact Denise for an exclusive viewing

Whispers of Ansonia SOLD

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