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Denise's black and white photography captures a freshness to New York City’s architecture by focusing in on less obvious details, while adding a compelling dynamism by overlaying multiple layers of light and shadow, resulting in a graphic and bold quality of a once familiar scene.


Born and raised on Long Island, NY, Denise graduated in 1990 from The School of Visual Arts in New York City with a BFA in Advertising, where she first discovered her obsession for urban street life and architecture.


As an art director in advertising, Denise went on photoshoots all over the world, and during down-time shot urban scenes with her Pentax PE3 35mm film camera. In 1996, after an illicit attempt to shoot the Sistine Chapel ceiling, she accidentally left her camera in the back seat of a taxi cab, rendering her camera-less for years. In 2014, a Creative Director in NYC, Denise began shooting again to escape an emotionally painful divorce, resulting in her project, In Detail. A New Yorker’s Obsession.


In February 2017, a curator discovered her work online, and invited her to exhibit at Paralax Art Fair in London. And has since exhibited with The Other Art Fair of Saatchi Art, MvVO at Sotheby’s, and Art Below's UK Underground. Her work will exhibit on outdoor kiosks in Chelsea, NYC during Frieze week.

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